My Herd

We chose the name as we are based just outside the Scottish Borders and the term Bonnie is a Scottish word which suits the Bengal cat as the meaning of it is pretty & attractive which is exactly what our Bengal kittens for sale are. Our parents all have pedigree of proof they are from Bengal backgrounds and can be shown prior to purchase. Kittens 5 generation certificate are available from Tica. If you are looking for kittens for sale with glitter, rosette, marble, brown, snow, seal lynx, charcoal , silver then our Bengal cats are carriers of these colors and patterns. They can also produce F4 Bengals for sale. Check what we have available and due on our Bengal Kitten For Sale page.
Bengals really are special cat with a coat that feels like silk or plush, that requires very little to no brushing and they need to self group less frequently so there is less dried saliva and less dander which makes them a lot better choice for anyone who has cat allergies, such as myself.
Bengal cats also have a very unique and charming personality unlike any other cat and are very intelligent, our Bengals love to play (some play fetch just like a dog) love attention, will follow us around to see what we are doing, play peekapoo and many other super cute things, they really a joy to own.
It is also important to be aware that Bengals can crave human affection more that other cats so please bear this in mind when looking to buy a Bengal kitten, as you may need to make sure you are ok with giving plenty of cuddles and exercise.

  • female brown leopard rosette bengal

    Rosie female (after her rosette markings) - brown leopard rosette

  • active tica registerd bengal uk

    Ruby known as Mary female - blue eye snow leopard rosette GCCF and Tica registerd RA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • charcoal bengal for sale uk

    HARLEY known as Harlequin female (is a repeat of patterns) - charcoal glitter leopard tica reg PRA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • brown glitter bengal for sale uk

    SAVANNAH known as Sophia (greek for skilled) - glitter leopard rosette brown tica active PRA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • tica active registerd bengal cat

    Jessica female - leopard rosette brown tica active female PRA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • silver glitter leopard rosette bengal uk

    SILVER LADY known as Pandora female (after jewellery brand) - glitter lopeard rosette silver tica active 

  • f5 male bengal cat uk

    ROMEO known as Luigi male - F5 rosette tica active with AL lines PRA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • f5 male bengal cat uk

    bella female (translated beautiful in spanish) brown leopard rosette tica reg PRA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • snow lynx bengal kitten uk

    Reina female (translated queen in spanish) - blue eye snow seal lynx rosette Tica & GCCF active PRA-B+ PKDEF N/N

  • brown wild look f3 bengal female

    Narla female (from lion king) - F3 rosette brown bengal tica active with AL lines