Bengal Cat Health

Preventing your Bengal from unpredicted health hazards
Bengal cats are actually derived from Asian leopards and have bit wild nature as compared to traditional cats. They have one common habit of leopards and that is to play in water. Nowadays, more and more people have started owning this breed due to its beautiful, cute and adorable look. Just like Asian leopard, Bengal cats are intelligent, sneaky and smart. There are some common health problems with which Bengal cats deal with widely. Food poisoning is the major problem which is common among this species. Food containing fungus or bacteria may cause food poisoning in them. These pets are also susceptible to human foods and thus may get affected by vomiting, weakness and diarrhea like symptoms.
Stomach upset and fever are two other symptoms with which Bengal cats can easily get affected. The result can be lethal in case if the food poisoning is very severe. It is essential to approach a veterinarian immediately on finding the symptoms of food poisoning. Close monitoring of cat is important after finding food poisoning symptoms. Chocolate is also dangerous to Bengal cat due to the availability of obromine and caffeine. There are fewer chances that an adult Bengal cat taste chocolate but a kitten may taste it in more quantity due to its new taste.
On consuming chocolate, cat may experience vomiting, weakness, hyperactivity and even seizure. Overlooking it for long time may cause even death to cat. It has been noticed that during the season of holidays, more cases of chocolate consuming by pets come to know. It is essential to note down a right name of chocolate so that veterinarian can easily find out the level of toxins. There are different kinds of medicines for dogs available in the market but it is always suggested to choose a professional vegetarian to get best treatment for your loved one.