Bengal food and diet

A short guide to dietary habits of Bengal cat
Bengals have sensitive digestive system and thus it is important to keep a good care of their food. Dry food is a better option for your Bengal but you can also choose canned food as it is easy to feed. Canned and dry food is easy to digest as well but make sure to consider the first five ingredients. It must contain high amount of protein which is essential for Bengal cat. They needs high amount of water in a day. You need to keep a full bowl of water nearby the space of your cat. Check it regularly if it gets empty. It keeps your Bengal to stay hydrated all time.
If you are very busy and have little time to feed your cat, it is better to leave dry food in the bowl before leaving. Bengal cats are heavy eaters and thus they can get overweight by eating more. You should also take them for a short walk which they will love to go. You need to check the diet of cat as they often get overweight by eating more food. It is always suggested that one should stick with a premium or good brand that can digest easily. In this way, your cat can stay active and can play comfortably.