Color and Patterns

Hi Welcome to Bengal cats color and patterns explained.Hi Welcome to Bengal cats color and patterns explained.


  • snow mink lynx bengal cat uk
  • Snow:

The snow bengal is white and comes from a form of albinism. They are not pure white as the name suggests. The snow comes in 3 different color names. 1- the seal lynx which has a very light cream color – dark or light / dark seal brown tail tip / blue eyes 2- seal mink which has ivory, tan color / dark seal brown tail tip / blue- green or aqua eyes 3- seal sephia which has ivory, tan color / dark seal brown tail tip / green or gold eyes

Its difficult to determine which they may be but as stated above they have diffrent eye color so is usualy the best way to now but sometimes the only way if a dna test.

  • charcoal bengal cat uk
  • Charcoal

The charcoal bengal cat is darker than the bengal more often seen. The black smokey color was seen in early f1 and f2 bengals. The charcoal trait is inherited independently of color so can be seen in each color mentioned on this page. They have a dark grey / brownish color background with little to no brown and a very dark pattern. The mask looks like a Y. The tail is dark brown/ black or grey / black with strips and a black tip. 

  • silver glitter leopard rosette bengal cat uk
  • Silver

The silver bengal is a lack of color and so come in diffrent shades. so can be found in many color combinations from silver snow, silver charcoal and so on.

The characteristics for a silver is little tarnish, dark grey to black jet markings, a black tip tail, a brick red nose, green or golden eyes 

  • brown rosette bengal cat
  • Brown

The brown bengal comes in many diffrent shades from golden, cream,honey, tan, beige, caramel and cinnamon. The charactoristics for brown to look for are: brown to jet black markings / a black tip tail / red nose / brown, copper, gold, green or hazel color eyes.

The Seal Lynx Bengal cat has a dark red nose and blue eyes so is easy to reconise at a young age. If a picture is taken with the flash on the eyes will look red and is produced in the snow Bengal which looks nearly comply white at birth as its pattern develops over time.

Both parents must carry this color gene for it to be produced.

2 other colors available are the black (melanistic) and blue though i have nether owned ether. 


  • leopard bengal kitten for sale uk
  • Rosette

The Rosetted Bengal cat resembles the leopard cat and is when the spots are two toned. They can come in many shapes some are the donut, paw print, arrow head and clouded. This pattern will develope over time and could take 9 – 24 months to devlope to its fullist.

  • marble bengal cat uk
  • Marble

The Marble Bengal cat resembles the king cheetah and can develop in any color. The most common marble is the clouded where throughout the whole body are swirls where the sheeted marble has less swirls especaly on the back.

Both parents must carry the gene to produce it. This pattern can take up to 2 years to develop.

Other Charactoristics

The eye color of a Bengal cat can change in most colors and patterns until they reach 9 months of age so picking one on this as a baby is not going to guarantee you it for its future.

There is a characteristics called glitter. Not all bengals have it and on picture or video its hard to catcher. You can see the glitter by the shimmering , sparkle affect on there coat. Glitter is a translucent hair shaft that catches the light and reflects. This is kittens is even harder to spot.

IIt does not matter what color or pattern Bengal kitten you buy. It will still have the big outgoing personality , love to play, be a grate hunter,