Bengal Cat Behavior

Understanding the behavior of your Bengal cat
You need to spend quality time with your new pet if you really want to get familiar with it. They need attention and lacking it may results in emotional stress in cats.
Make sure to make their space before bringing them home. The fact is they require their own personal space where they can stay comfortably. It is more important if you have any other pet in your house. Bengal cats are natural hunters and if you have any fish in the house, it can become prey of your Bengal any time. You need to give special care to Bengal in order to make them more loving and calm. Most people do not allow them to roam outside freely. They are cute, good looking and adorable pet. Thus, chances of getting stolen are more, so try keeping them inside.
They are very active, much more as compared to traditional cats. Thus, it is important to give them a regular walk and other exercises to keep it healthy. It is essential to keep a permanent bowl of water near the house of your Bengal cat. So, by following above few things, you can easily understand the behavior of your Bengal in very short time.