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Why Bonnie Bengals?

I breed Bengal kittens for sale which can be delivered throughout the UK from £45 or which can be collection from Northumberland TD152QJ between Newcastle and Edinburgh.


  • Am a

    Tica registered cattery

  • Have had my herd

    Annual vaccinated covering (FIE, FHV-1, FCV, FELV) &  Genetic Tested

  • Am Part of

    Royal Canin kitten club

  • Have

    Local authority licence NPS/38


  • Fully Weaned

    from 9 weeks old

  • With care agreement sheet

    + Litter trained

  • Vet Checked

    1st vaccinations (FIE, FHV-1, FCV, FELV)

  • Had

    Worm & flea treatment

  • 35 -Cat Food- (Outline)Created with Sketch.


    Changeover food

  • Tica registration

    Pet breeder slip

  • With Free Insurance

    A few weeks cover

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On this page, you will find answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request.

  • Why are Bengals the price they are?

    It costs to breed Bengals. Medical costs, Housing maintenance, Insurance, Feeding and cleaning costs.

  • Is it best to buy a boy or girl Bengal cat?

    The gender is a personal choose there is no distinct difference if the cat is spayed or neutered.
    I personally have seen no difference in temperament. Only recognised difference is males are bigger than females.

  • What age can kittens leave there mum for there new homes?

    Ours leave from 9 weeks of age after having there first vaccinations. Though they can legally leave from 8 weeks old. Some dont let them leave until they have had there second vaccinations at 12 weeks where some cat organisations say 14 weeks.  

  • Will my kitten have the same eye color and be the same shade, color, pattern ones its fully grown.

    Bengal kittens go through a lot of change when young. A kittens eye color may not be the color they are ones fully grown. Only snow Bengals are born with there blue eyes which they keep though still the shade may alter slightly. Color as kitten is the color your kitten will be when older though shade can get slightly lighter or darker as they grow. Pattern develops as your kitten grows up to 9 months and in some have seen change until 2 years old. Glitter which under the sun or strong light makes the fur look sparkly usually is visible around 12 weeks of age.

  • Why are kittens fluffy?

    Bengal Kittens fur goes fluffy around 5 weeks of age up until 12 weeks and the reason for the fluffy fur is if they where in the wild they would be hidden amongst there environment whilst learning how to hunt.

  • What does F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 mean?

    F within 5 generation means that cat has close relations to the Asian Leopard Cat. F1 has ALC as one of the parents – F2 has ALC as one of the grandparents – F3 has ALC as one of the great grand parents – F4 has ALC as one of the great great parents and F5 has ALC as one of the great great great parents.

  • Tica registration explained

    Tica is one of a number of organisations where cats can be registerd. Each pedigree from Tica will have the breeders cattery name before the name of the kittens. having your kitten registerd as pet means not for breeding and alows you to see family history many pet owners are not fused if they have this. If breeding and wishing to register your own babies then this is something you will want.

  • Is pedigree the same as Tica registered?

    No Tica is a registration organisation there paperwork means your kitten is registered. Saying the kitten is pedigree means its parents have pedigree papers proving they are from Bengal backgrounds so may not be registered. If both are used in the sale of the kitten then it means the breeder has both the 5 generation pedigree papers (family tree) for the parents as well as them being tica registerd.

  • Can Bengals go outside or should they be kept indoors?

    Everyone has a different view on this. Letting Bengals outside especially in built up areas can be a issue in many cases due to Bengals inquisitive nature. So will visit your neighbours and could mean getting themselves locked in sheds or even stolen and can get in places due to there grate climbing skills and not be able to get back down. So many do keep them indoors and take them for walks on a leash or have available wheels and trees for them to used there energy on. A few even have outside cat runs or enclosed gardens for them to play outside.

  • Do Bengals stay up throughout the night?

    No they general don't. As they are to the most part indoor cats they follow there owners routine. So will sleep when your at work or asleep and wake when your home.

  • Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic? (unlikely to cause allergy’s)

    Most people who have allergic reaction to cats and in my case dogs also have either no allergic reaction like myself to Bengals or very little. They have zero to little shedding and don’t groom themselves as often nor as long as other breeds as have 1 layer of hair than that of many other cats who has 2 layers. whatever dander there is in their fur doesn’t get spread around as much.

  • What is a Bengal cats temperament like?

    Similar to that of a dog as will play fetch and go for walks on a harness even follow there owner around. The Bengal breed is a intelligent, outgoing, energetic and friendly breed. They love to be around people so perfect for single people , couples or even family’s with or without children and with or without other animals. If your someone who works long shifts and can not have a dog a Bengal makes a grate alternative also. They are grate at making there own entertainment. As long as given attention and stimulation then they will thrive.

  • Because of being a relative of the asion leopard cat do Bengals grow big?

    Bengals especially females are regular size or even smaller than most other breeds, Males do grow larger and more stocky though no bigger than most other breeds. Bengals are very long in the body and very muscular. They are a small to medium breed. Females as a rough estimate are generally 7-12 lbs 60cm width & height where males are 10-15lbs up to 90cm width & height. Of course they can slightly vary from these and be a little smaller or even bigger.

  • Does a Bengal need a specific diet?

    No, They only need a good quality cat food as have and use allot of energy. That can be just dry if you choose. Only difference would be if you have a F1, 2 or 3 as these may still be on a full or part raw diet or meat diet.

  • What is rosette and the difference between spot and leopard?

    Both spot and leopard are classed as rosette along with a number of other shapes for example arrow, paw-print and more. Rosette is the outline of the coat markings. Leopard is the most similar to the Asian Leopard.

  • What does FIE / FCV/ FHV-1 / FELV stand for

    Feline infectious enteritis (FIE, feline panleukopenia, feline parvovirus)
    Feline herpesvirus (FHV-1) and feline calicivirus (FCV) – cat flu and FELV ferline leukemia virus

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As an animal lover and suffering from the loss of our beautiful Siamese Cleo we needed to move forward and introducea life into our home. Thinking long and careful we contacted Emma and new that a kitten from her would be the correct choice. At every step of the way Emma has kept us up to date with everything from date of birth to regular photos , videos and text. I am delighted to say we now have a beautiful baby boy in our lives. Fabian has big paws to fill but we have no doubts that he will. Extremely happy and would highly recommend.


Phil Gornall

Berwick upon tweed

An all round great experience with Bonnie Bengals. From the first point of contact, Emma, was friendly, helpful and professional. It was clear from our communication that she is a knowledgeable, dedicated and trustworthy breeder. For us, being situated on an Island off the top of Scotland, being helpful and trustworthy was an important factor in which breeder we chose. Due to the distance, we were unable to visit before choosing a kitten so the photos and videos were a brilliant help! We also received several updates on his progress until we got him. Emma was very accommodating when it came to arranging collection of our lovely kitten. We were able to chose a day to suit us and she even came to meet us at the train station with him. It was a very easy process to make the deposit payment through the website and the final payment via card when we collected him at the station. We received info and payment receipts by email - brilliant. Our lovely healthy kitten is just a delight! 🙂


Lesley Thomas


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About Me

My name is Emma and i have been a breeder of reptiles and mammals for many years. I have owned Bengal cats throughout this time and now with the knowledge gatherd am breeding Bengal for sale. This is a dedicated Bengal site , created by myself and my partner for the purpose of educating and breeding. Viewing is more than welcome ones kittens are 3/4 weeks old before considering purchasing / placing a deposit. You can join my waiting list now for litter due throughout 2019 but Due to high demand i can not reserve a kitten without a £195 deposit. Our Bengal cats are pedigree Tica registerd with proof they are from Bengal backgrounds. We have a Snow lynx Bengal, a rosette brown spotted Bengal and one that is a leopard glitter Bengal, along with a Silver Glitter Leopard Bengal + a F3 & F5 Bengal. They are Carriers of glitter, rosette, marble, brown , silver, snow , charcoal and seal lynx + produce F4 Bengals for sale.

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