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A bit about Bonnie Bengals
We choose the name Bonnie Bengals as bonnie is a term the Scottish use which means pretty or attractive, which is exactly what we think Bengal cats and kittens are. 
Bonnie Bengals was originally set up to offer our breeding services for people looking for their perfect Bengal kitten. Throughout our time owning and breeding Bengals we have gained a wealth of experience and have built a large base of happy customers, so we want Bonnie Bengals to be a place for anyone wanting to know more about Bengals to be able visit and find the information they need.  

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    Stunning Bengals Pictures From Around The World

    Being massive Bengal cat fans, we would like to own every single one of them, but as that's not feasible (and also a bit selfish) we like really appreciate seeing beautiful Bengal in different settings around the world. So this page is dedicated to some of our favorite, we hope you like them as much as we do. 


So glad we went through Emma at Bonnie Bengals for our wee Bengal Floki.
Prior to picking him up we were given updates with photos /videos and messages on how he was doing.
When we first got him home, he settled in straight away, very friendly and confident in his new surroundings. Fully litter trained and very well socialised. If we decide to get Floki a wee pal in the future will defiantly be through Bonnie Bengals.

Amanda Peterson review

Jackie Aberdeen

My wee.daighter named her coco..first 24/48 hours she was rather skittish and his away most of the time..although on monday it's like someone flicked a switch.She is an absolute wee star...more or less sleeps on my shoulder most nights,eating well and no accidents outside.litter box.Thanks again for all your help and I'd certainly recommend people.your way anytime.

Amanda Peterson review

James Scott